Tablet Deburring Machine

Tablet Deburring Machine

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Tablet deburring and de-duster is high tech machine used in pharmaceutical industries to clean the tablets obtained from the punching machine/press. The tablet punching is a process, wherein, the edges of the tablets are formed due to clearance between the punch and die also called 'Burrs'. The excess dust on the tablets are removed through tablet de-dusting machine and then the tablets are packaged. Due to these burrs, tablets have uneven size, which doesn't fit into blister packaging. To allow proper sealing of tablets in aluminum foil, the tablets are de-dusted. A vibratory de-duster in the de-dusting machine cleans the tablets. One of the ports of vibratory de-duster is connected to a suitable suction device. The tablet deburring and de-dusting machine is easy to clean, requires less maintenance and have easily changeable parts.

Salient Features of Deburring and De-dusting Machine
  • This G.M.P. model of deburring and dedusting machine has a compact structure and well proven design.
  • Vibro type, zero noise and no maintenance required
  • The deburring and de-dusting machine is energy efficient
  • All contact parts made of stainless steel 304 (SS 316 optionally)
  • These contact parts can be easily washed and / or sterilized.
  • For deburring, the route to convey tablets is geometrically designed.
  • Efficient deburring and de-dusting and all excess powder is suctioned.
  • Brushing unit is an optional, additional accessory of deburring and de-dusting machine.
  • Deburring and de-dusting machine is on castor wheels, that allow easy movement of the machine.

Technical Specifications:


Model: SMS-01Model: SMS-02
Charging Height775 mm to 975 mm680 mm to 880 mm
Discharging Height775 mm to 975 mm680 mm to 880 mm
Total Height900 mm to 1100 mm885 mm to 1085 mm
Output (@6mm Tablet)4,25,000 T/hr (Approx)2,25,000 T/hr (Approx)
Minimum Tablet5 mm diameter5 mm
Maximum Tablet40 mm diameter40 mm
Passage Size120 mm x 50 mm120 mm x 50 mm
De-Dusting Distance2.2.5 meter (Approx)2.25 meter
SpeedVariableSingle speed
Total Weight Of Machine75 Kg. (Approx)50 Kg
Power Supply0.50 H.P. x 230V A.C. Single phase x 50 Hz0.250 H.P. x 230V Phase x 50 Hz x AC